Kijlstra’s complete chamber units can be used as for a whole multitude of applications from draw pits to pump stations and this multipurpose solutions can be designed to incorporate high loading criteria. Generally, the design of the structure can be to whatever size is required, the only limitations being dictated by transport and site itself. It is possible to connect the sections on site for a final structure that exceeds the size restrictions imposed by transportation.
  • Factory Finish quality
  • Single lift install
  • Carbon Neutral
  • No insitu jointing
  • Structurally Verified
  • Suitable for high loadings
  • Cost Efficient
  • Simple and fast install
  • Reduced risk
  • Minimal labour
  • Water tight guarantee
These single units can utilise the benefits of modular construction in order to reduce weights to a minimum. Furthermore any internal workings such as valves or flow metres can be fitted at factory. Kijlstra’s engineering team will produce designs and calculations based on drawings supplied. They will also attend site to assist with technical matters and installation during the construction period.

Product Detail

Technical Information & Construction