Morgan Sindall – Best practice and minimising risks

• Pre Cast CSO Chamber. 3.5m length x 2m width x 2.1m height provided by Kijlstra
• Programme Saving
• Minimising Temporary works
• Minimising Risks and Hazards


• Maesteg Row “Combined Sewer Overflow” works included a new CSO chamber with internal dimensions 3.5m length x2m width x 2.1m depth, mechanical screen and associated pipelines and manholes.

• The CSO chamber was prefabricated off site by Kijlstra precast ltd. Preparation works in advance of the delivery included construction of a 5m x4m x3m cofferdam designed by MGF and concrete blinding slab.

• The pre-cast units were placed directly in position, using a 60t mobile crane.

• The pre cast option was chosen to eliminate and minimise risks associated with a traditional in situ pour i.e. work at height, steel fixing, manual handling, concrete works etc.

• As well as the health and safety benefits the precast option also saved time on the overall programme. i.e. effectively 12 days required for in situ compared to 1 day precast option with an factory finished product.

Internal weir wall being placed in CSO – weight 2t