• These bridge elements are available in 3 different widths: ca. 1.5, 2.1 and 2.9m.
  • 4 lifting anchors for easy installation.
  • ideal for bridging small trenches and brooks.
  • |Superior concrete for a design life of over 100 years.
Loading Specification

  • These bridge elements are not only designed for full LM1 and LM2 loads. They can also stand full truck loads up to 2 x 50 tonnes.
Dimensions and Weight

  • L6000 x W2900. Weight: 13,550kg
  • L6000 x W2090. Weight: 9,765kg
  • L6000 x W1450. Weight: 6,775kg
Superior Concrete Quality

  • Made out of self-compacting concrete to give the highest visual quality with a smooth finish. Exposure classes XD3, XS3 and XF2, for a design life of more than 100 years.

  • They are specially designed as roadway elements with 2 upstands and a special anti-skid brush finish as per Highway Specification. All corners are supplied with 25 mm chamfers.
Drawing for a typical 2.9 m bridge element