Specialist Products

Kijlstra produces a wide range of high-quality precast concrete products for sewer systems and the civil engineering, agricultural and housing sectors. Elements with moving or electrical parts or textured finishes are all possible due to the high-grade concrete, and advanced production methods used. The production of these elements is not restricted by size or shape. Examples include large UIDs, large overflow chambers, large headwalls, screening chambers, detention tanks, basements and canal locks. The systems have been employed on numerous schemes in varied ground conditions over a 32-year period so photographs exist of many examples. Ideas for new applications are always welcome.


The complete range of precast concrete products, as well as bespoke items, is produced at our own factory in Drachten, Holland. For more specialised items Kijlstra will have to incorporate these into the planning schedule but will always endeavor to take the customers time constraints into consideration. Our priority is customer satisfaction.


Precast concrete products are made to the highest specification and standard. You will find all the necessary information on the drawings and the documentation provided.

Shapes and Sizes

The concrete products can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, the only limitation being transport by road or water and the limitations of the crane used for the installation. Special products over 50,000 kilos are no longer an exception.