Standard Manholes

Kijlstra produces and supplies complete sewer systems made from high quality concrete pipes and manhole modules. Kijlstra concrete manholes are quick, easy to use and install. They comply to the highest EU standard. The backbone of the Kijlstra concept is the Kijlstra square manhole system. The manhole system has been used in the European water industry for 20 years, and on countless schemes. As such, the lessons already have been learned and the system has continuously evolved. The designs are robust and simple in design and construction terms. They fully comply with British and European standards. We haven’t reinvented the wheel, but we are offering a product that will fulfill the demands of clients and contractors in respect of quality, health and safety, cost and sustainability.

The Kijlstra manhole is a modular system, mainly consisting of a base unit, intermediate unit (depending on depth), conical units, slabs and angle pieces to make up a complete customised manhole. We call this production method “customised mass production”. Connectivity of most pipe types and materials is possible, such as concrete, plastics, twin wall and clay. All the manholes are monolithically poured, including the benching, to minimise the risk of leaks. Manufactured using C40/50 strength concrete and to consistency class XA3 (high chemical attacks). All manhole and pipe joints are 100% watertight and will test to 1 bar pressure. All the units, size for size, are interchangeable to allow for late design changes. Table 1 shows the standard sizes of manholes in our range, with the possible pipe connections.

Manhole size Pipe diameter
Ø150 Ø225 Ø300 Ø375 Ø450 Ø525 Ø600 Ø675 Ø750 Ø825 Ø900 Ø1050 Ø1200 Ø1350 Ø1500
600×600 MS* - - - - - - - - - - - -
800×800 MS* - - - - - - - - -
1000×1000 MS* - - - - - - -
1250×1250 MS* - - -
1500X1500 MS - -
2000X2000 MS

x = only straight benching
= possible
- = not possible

Installation Video of Kijlstra Precast Manhole