CSO Chambers

The current water utilities AMP 5 programme has considerable focus on CSO chambers and similar structures. Traditionally, these chambers were built on-site using loose materials and shuttering.  A typical installation could take up to 3 weeks for a single CSO chamber. Kijlstra have designed and developed various precast options which drastically reduce installation time on-site as well as bringing additional benefits in health and safety and reduced environmental impact.

Kijlstra CSO chambers are bespoke to the requirements of the client. We only need the outline drawings and design criteria to create a design using precast concrete. Where required, the design of the in-situ, or precast floor is also incorporated in this. A full set of drawings and calculations are provided on the client’s acceptance of the quotation.

CSO chambers can come as a single structure or be split into several elements depending on site-specific conditions such as lifting capabilities and site access. Additional features such as screens, pipe connections, penstocks and flap valves can be pre-fitted in the factory.