The structural principal is based on either a fixed or propped cantilever depending on the individual design utilising a concrete base and fixed using a reinforced external cold stitch. The tanks are constructed using modular panels complete with fixings and any other required provisions such as pipe connections. The joint between the panels is a water tight non-structural grouted connection and the whole system is independently verified by the WRC up to 10m depth.
  • Factory Finish quality
  • WRC Approved and tested
  • Carbon Neutral option
  • Structurally Verififed
  • Water tightness to requested EC class
  • Suitable for high loadings
  • Cost Efficient
  • Simple and fast install
Kijlstra provide structural calculations for all tanks, and assign an experienced and qualified engineer to every structure who will take the project who will take the project from conception to construction.

Product Detail

Technical Information & Construction