The Kijlstra manhole is a modular system which results in a highly flexible system allowing for late changes to design. Each manhole is monolithically poured using a C40/50 self compacting concrete. Connections to the manholes are achieved using flexible push-fit-joints which negate the need for rockers pipes. Unlike insitu options the Kijlstra manholes are not reliant on weather conditions and results in almost no wastage.
  • WRC approved
  • Carbon Neutral
  • 100% water tight
  • Rapid installation
  • No concrete surround
  • Raises health and safety standards
  • Factory finished quality
Kijlstra pride themselves on the technical support that accompanies all of their product. A highly trained Kijlstra engineer is assigned to each project and works closely with the client to ensure the best possible delivery. This excellent service and high quality product allows for maximum project efficiency accompanied by cost savings.

Product Detail