Kijlstra and the Environment

Kijlstra recognises the impact construction has on the environment and are working to reduce it, through continued long-term development using the latest technology.

Short-term benefits:

  • Reduction in waste – no further need for loose materials.
  • Reduction in use of plant.
  • Reduction in impact on community through reduced construction period.
  • Reduction in use of concrete by designing highly engineered concrete, we produce lighter structures with less concrete and therefore less cement.
  • By adding cement substitutes, some of which are byproducts of other industries, we have reduced cement content by approximately 40% while still achieving very high strength mixes.
  • Less vehicle movements to and from site.

Long-term benefits:

  • The structures are 100% watertight – clean water will not leak into the system which would require cleaning at a waste water treatment works and foul water does not leak out of the system so it cannot contaminate the ground, ground water and other biological elements.
  • Long design life.
  • Fully recyclable – the units consist of fully recyclable materials.

Kijlstra are continuously reviewing and updating our systems and production processes to improve them wherever possible. This can be due to legislation changes or to new techniques in the precast industry.