The Kijlstra precast concrete drawpits are one of the most versatile systems in the market place offering systems to suit any project from housing developments to airports and. Each drawpit is individually customised at the factory to suit the required duct layout and depth. The installation of these is quick safe and simple, furthermore the Kijlstra chamber negates the need for core drilling, grouting, confined space work and concrete surround. This innovative adaption of the Kijlstra manhole system has produced an award winning, versatile and carbon neutral Drawpit.
  • Quick install
  • Reduced plant
  • Less wastage
  • Factory finished quality
  • Bespoke duct layout design
  • Reduced risk to workers
  • 100% watertight
  • No concrete surround
KTG 004Kijlstra pride themselves on the technical support that accompanies all of their product. A highly trained Kijlstra engineer is assigned to each project and works closely with the client to ensure the best possible delivery. This excellent service and high quality product allows for maximum project efficiency accompanied by optimised cost savings.