Kijlstra was established in the early 1900’s, initially as a small contracting company, but by the 1950s began to produce concrete drainage products. through continued expansion over the decades, this privately owned company, under the group name of Vermeulen, has spread into various sectors of the construction market to include companies such as Michel Oprey and Beisterveld (specialists in natural stone products), Intercodam (specialists in sport, building and civil engineering materials) and RBM and Grain Plastics (producers of PVC pipeline systems for sewers, rainwater drainage and water management).

These subsidiaries share the common feature of all being producers and specialist distributors of products relating to the civil engineering sector. The group’s 500 employees, turnover in excess of 150 million euros and strategic bases in numerous locations throughout Western Europe, means Kijlstra can offer the very best in quality and service to the construction sector. In 2010, Kijlstra extended its field of operations by establishing a new sales and training facility in the UK to offer extensive expertise in materials and supply chain solutions.

Kijlstra Philosophy

Construction is nothing without foundation, or as the American architect Louis Sullivan said in 1896 “form follows function”. The relationship between design and aesthetics and the performance of a construction has not changed significantly since then although more emphasis is now given to the sustainable, risk-averse and whole-life-cost properties of a building element. Those that help set the foundations will remain taken for granted until their evolution from back room boy to benchmark becomes apparent, evolution that is evident in the Kijlstra group’s portfolio of innovative construction systems.

Our Core Values

We at Kijlstra take great pride in keeping our promises. Promises to maintain substantial stock levels to guarantee reliable and flexible deliveries. Promises to not only maintain but exceed standards; KITEmark, WRc, CE and ISO 9001 being standard criteria for our product range. Promises to develop not only innovative but also reliable solutions such as our new 100% sealed precast manhole system, drawpits, fully fitted pumping stations and CSO structures. Promises to supply expert advice, no matter whether it is from our office-based planning department or our field-based staff. And last but not least, promises to supply customers with systems and service standards to resolve any requirement.