“Setting New Standards in Precast Drainage Solutions”

Kijlstra are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of drainage solutions in Western Europe, and are ‘Setting New Standards’ by bringing a new generation of construction materials to the UK.

As part of the drive to bring new levels of service to the construction sector, Kijlstra has forged strategic partnerships with its sister companies and other manufacturers in the UK to offer a complete design and supply concept to the UK construction sector. This has already proved hugely successful in the UK, with Kijlstra supplying various major infrastructure projects and achieving huge cost savings and environmental benefits for clients through expert analysis and design which allow the client to deliver on time and within budget.

We at Kijlstra take great pride in keeping our promises. Promises to maintain substantial stock levels to guarantee reliable and flexible deliveries. Promises to not only maintain but exceed standards; KITEmark, WRc, CE and ISO 9001 being standard criteria for our product range.

Promises to develop not only innovative but also reliable solutions such as our new 100% sealed precast manhole system, drawpits, fully fitted pumping stations and CSO structures. Promises to supply expert advice, no matter whether it is from our office-based planning department or our field-based staff. And last but not least, promises to supply customers with systems and service standards to resolve any requirement.