“Setting New Standards in Precast Drainage Solutions”


INNOVATION in Precast Concrete / Concrete Drainage

Whether it’s introducing a new generation of construction materials, achieving huge cost savings and environmental benefits or exceeding industry standards, Kijlstra is at the very forefront of modern drainage and water management solutions.

Our hugely successful design and supply concept has become renowned
for using expert analysis and design to bring substantial savings to major
infrastructure projects across the UK and Europe, allowing clients to deliver
on time and within budget.

Working directly with you and your site team, we can guarantee reliable
and flexible delivery and with one of our designated project engineers on hand
you can always rely on expert advice.

We’re committed to being as environmentally-friendly as possible too, using
locally-sourced and recycled materials and producing just 0.04% waste of
every tonne of concrete we make at our factory- and even this is all re-used in
our products. Concrete is a cradle-to-cradle product; it can be recycled back
to its original source materials at the end of its design life.

Using high grade concrete for drainage means we use 40% less than traditional products,
and precasting reduces the amount of vehicle movements to site by about 75%.

Most of all though, with Kijlstra you’ll always find the right product, either in our uniquely innovative range – from drainage solutions to sea defences to perimeter security – or as a bespoke solution.